2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Men Championship Division IIIQ , Abu Dhabi – UAE


Date : March 30 –April 7, 2019

Travel Date : Departure: March 30

Arrival: April 7

Place : Abu Dhabi – UAE

Participants: HKG, BIH, UAE, KUW, THA, KGZ


Male Players born in 2000 or earlier with valid HKSAR passport.

Players born after 2001-2003  are welcome, but with application U18 is need.

Player born 2001-2003 are underage player, requiring signed underage waiver by parent.

HKIHA reserves the final right to all roster selections.

Player Selection Priority will be as follow:

(i) HKIHA Registered Ice Hockey Players

(ii) NTDP Players

(iii) Hong Kong National League (NL) Players or Youth National League (YNL) Players

(iiii) Any other players

Registration Deadline: December 5, 2018

APPLICATION DETAILS: Please register with your name as in your passport.