2019 Bangkok Fly Ice Hockey Tournament – U8

(APPLICATION CLOSED)Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association

We are to pleased to announce we will send an U8 Team Hong Kong to the 2019 Bangkok Fly Ice Hockey Tournament.

Tournament will be on:

1. 日期、時間與地點 Date, Time and Venue

日期 Date to Travel : May 28th – June 2nd

地點Venue: Bangkok Thailand.

2. 參賽資格 Entry Requirements

i. 年齡: U8生於 2011-2012-2013

Age Limit: Players shall be born in U8, 2011-2012-2013.

ii. 球員註冊將優先如下Player Selection Priority will be as follow:

  1.  HKIHA Registered Ice Hockey Players.
  2.  HKIHA Applicants Elite Feeder Program Players will have higher priority in selection.
  3.  Had been selected for Team HKIHA YNL in 2018-2019.
  4.  The final decision of player selection will be made by HKIHA

Entry fee : TBC

3. 賽會組委會的聯繫方式 Contact details of Co-organizer

香港冰球協會 Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association

電話Tel: 852 – 2310 1050

傳真Fax:852 – 2806 8727


如有任何爭議, 以賽會組委會最後決定為準。The Co-organizer’s decision shall be final in case of any dispute.