NL 2016-2017 Playoffs

Playoff Standings

Final Standings:
Hexagon – NL Champions
Gaggia Empire – NL 1st Runner Up
Gold Club – NL 2nd Runner Up
Hockey Centre – NL 3rd Runner Up

Playoffs National League 2016-2017


Playoff Schedule

Best 2 out of 3 Series. March 27th, 2017 games will be played if needed.

April 3rd, 2017 – First Game – National League Bronze Medal Game

April 3rd, 2017 – Second Game – National League Gold Medal Game

2017-02-13 21:15:47February 13, 20177 - 2 21:15:479:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-02-13 22:15:37February 13, 20174 - 2 22:15:3710:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-03-06 21:15:49March 6, 20174 - 2 21:15:499:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-03-06 22:15:29March 6, 20173 - 1 22:15:2910:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-03-27 21:15:31March 27, 20171 - 3 21:15:319:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-03-27 22:15:28March 27, 20178 - 3 22:15:2810:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-04-03 21:15:01April 3, 20174 - 2 21:15:019:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap
2017-04-03 22:15:09April 3, 20176 - 3 22:15:0910:15 pmNational League2016-2017 PlayoffsMegaIceRecap

Player Leaders

2016-2017 National League Playoffs

1Bob C. L. NganGaggia Empire48513000
2Richard BeukeHockey Centre4628200
3Tyler DohertyGaggia Empire3336400
4Ryan WongGold Club4145000
5Lennon Au-YeungHexagon3325000
6Lokel WongGold Club3044400
7Jeff CeccacciGold Club3324000
8Alvin ShamHexagon3134200
9David FinifterHockey Centre4224400
10Bernard FungHexagon4224000
11Trevor BeseltHockey Centre3044000
12Hal SlominskiGaggia Empire2134000
13Canute DalmasseHexagon4123200
14Dennis LoGold Club3213000
15Richard SimpsonGaggia Empire3123200
16Drew BartonHexagon2123000
17Suen DeanGaggia Empire4123000
18Scott StricklandHexagon4202200
19Jerry CheungGold Club4022000
20Brian KnowlesHockey Centre2022000
21Tsz Fung NgGaggia Empire1112000
22Alex C. C. WongGold Club4202000
23Merrit MaddoxHexagon4112400
24Terence ChimGaggia Empire1112000
25Steve AllisonHockey Centre2112000
26Douglas LightboundGaggia Empire3112000
27Bryan MacFarlaneHockey Centre2112200
28Hayes ToGold Club3202200
29Leo KanGold Club3202200
30Matt LeeGold Club2011200
31Ying YeungGold Club3011000
32Joshua SteinhausHexagon4011000
33David BartlettGaggia Empire2011000
34Shane WeirHexagon4011000
35Michael ChenGaggia Empire2011000
36Martin ReevesHexagon2101200
37Jonathan YiuGold Club3011000
38Tony LeungGaggia Empire2011000
39Justin YiuGold Club3011000
40Jonathan L. WongHockey Centre4101000
41Otto ChanGaggia Empire2011200
42Kelly MckenneyHockey Centre1000000
43Scott NicollGold Club1000000
44Mark UhrynukHexagon3000000
45Dan PatersonHockey Centre0000000
46Anthony DevolzGold Club1000000
47Julian MaHockey Centre4000400
48Emerson KeungGold Club3000000
49Sean TyrellHockey Centre1000000
50Loron OrrisHexagon4000000
51Doug FosterHexagon4000200
52Evan ThorpeHockey Centre3000000
53Ryan Y.C. LeeHexagon4000000
54Patrick WallerHockey Centre0000000
55Dean TzembelikosHockey Centre1000000
56King HoGaggia Empire4000000
57Wan Chun KitGaggia Empire2000000
58Taylor DixonHockey Centre3000200

Goaltender Leaders

2016-2017 National League Playoffs Goalies

1Loron OrrisHexagon41131210189.38
2Emerson KeungGold Club37586789.33
3King HoGaggia Empire41171410388.03
4Dean TzembelikosHockey Centre13242887.50
5Evan ThorpeHockey Centre395148185.26