2023 – 2024 JNL Feeder Program Registrations冰球青苗計劃網上報名

HKIHA is pleased to announce that online registrations for JNL Feeder will be opened at 12:00a.m. on Sep 11th.

There are 20 places for JNL Feeder, plus 3 – 5 places for waiting list.

All participants are required to prepare their own ice hockey equipment. Full gear is a must for every practice.

JNL Feeder
Period Sep 2023 – Jan 2024
Location Mega Ice / Dragon Centre
Training Day Saturday
Duration 1.5hrs/lesson
Sessions in Total 12 sessions

This program adopt first-come-first-served basis. Registrations will be closed on Sep 14, or when the quota is full.

中國香港冰球總會宣佈2023 – 2024 青苗計劃 – JNL Feeder將於2023年9月11日早上十二時(即星期日晚上12時正)公開報名。

JNL Feeder設有20個名額,並有3 – 5 名候補位置。名額先到先得。報名截止日期為9月14日(或額滿即止)


JNL Feeder
活動期 2023年9月至2024年1月
地點 Mega Ice 或西九龍中心冰場
訓練日 星期六
每節時長 90分鐘
訓練堂數 12堂