Appeal Mechanism

Scope of Appeal Mechanism:

Appeals are strictly confined to grievance suffered as a result of a decision of the particular board of HKIHA (e.g. complaints board / Executive Board) or the Selection Panel of the Tournament. Appeals shall be strictly confined to grievance suffered by the Appellant directly or by the Registered Individuals registered with it. The appeal committee will not accept or process any appeal made by the Appellant for or on behalf of a party other than itself or Registered Individuals registered with it.

Proceedings of Making an Appeal

An individual who wishes to appeal against the outcome of investigation, decision of a particular board of HKIHA (e.g. Executive Board or Complaint Board), or his/her non-selection in the roster for National Team in respect of the event he/she has applied to participate in, must lodge an appeal in writing to the General Secretary of Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association within 48 hours of the announcement of Results (i.e. case result / the Team Hong Kong Roster), clearly setting out the reasons for the appeal together with supporting documents (if any) and the appeal fee of HK$1,000 delivered to Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association (cheque payable to: HongKong Ice Hockey Association Limited). If the appeal is upheld, the appeal fee will be refunded.

The General Secretary will convene a provisional appeal meeting comprising of at least three and no more than five members from HKIHA Members (who have had no participation in the decision-making or handling process), to hear and decide on the appeal. The General Secretary will inform the Appellant of the Appeals Board’s decision in writing within 14 days of the date of appeal.

Power of the Appeal Panel:

The Appeal Committee has the authority to uphold, vary or reverse the decision appealed against.

Mode of Deliberation:

The deliberations of the Appeal Panel shall be in private. The Secretariat will be absent during the deliberations and its input may be requested only on matters of its competence. Voting of the final deliberations will be restricted to the Appeal Panel as constituted for the case, even if alternates may follow the preparation of such deliberations. Every Appeal Panel Member shall cast a vote. Result is made by unanimous or a majority of votes.

The decision of the provisional appeal board shall be final.