HKIHA is pleased to offer a variety of development programs for players, coaches and referees. These programs are targeted towards educating individuals that are interested in being apart of developing ice hockey in Hong Kong.

IIHF Development Camp

For players, we are pleased to provide the annual IIHF Development Camp for eligible players. This camp includes on-ice skill development, off-ice dryland training, game video analysis, lectures on nutrition and game play, and more importantly, to train and to compete against players from other ice hockey National Associations from around the world. The camp is also catered to individuals taking leadership roles such as coaching and management.

Feeder Program

The Feeder Program, also known as the Youth National Team Development Program, focuses on the development and training of youth ice hockey players in Hong Kong.  The Feeder Program will go through a tryout process and select players from the HKYIHL (Hong Kong National Team Development League – HKNTDL) for further training. This system will allow players to practice and train with the other elite youth ice hockey players in Hong Kong. From the pool of elite ice hockey players in the Feeder Program, the final selection from this group will be made to represent Hong Kong and forming the Youth Hong Kong National Team. The Youth Hong Kong National Team will compete in various youth tournaments to gain experience and prepare them for the U18, Women’s, Senior Men’s Hong Kong National Ice Hockey Teams.


HKIHA Coaching Clinic allows coaches to be HKIHA Certified Coaches. These HKIHA Certified Coaches will be able to coach in HKIHA Events. This will allow individuals to become educated in how to become a ice hockey coach and allow coaches to gain new information and knowledge that is standardized and recognized by the HKIHA and the IIHF. Depending on the coach’s Level obtained and coaching experience, HKIHA coaches can apply to become selected in coaching the U18, Women’s and Senior Men’s Hong Kong National Ice Hockey Teams. HKIHA Coaching Clinics are held annually and additional clinics may be held due to high demand.


HKIHA Officiating Clinic allows individuals that are interested in become a HKIHA Certified Official. These referees and officials will be able to ref and officiate in HKIHA Events as well as become nominated for IIHF Officiating Events

Goaltending Camps

HKIHA offers Goaltending Camps to HKIHA Registered Ice Hockey Players. The camp operates during the Summer months and welcomes goalies of all ages. The camp are held by HKIHA Certified Coaches and current National Team goaltenders. This camp will no only allow current Hong Kong National Team goaltenders a place to train prior to the start of the new season, but also to coach and to teach younger goaltenders on how to one day perform at their level.