Hong Kong Youth National League


2015 – 2016 the HKYIHL has been rebranded to HKYNL – Hong Kong Youth National League. The rebranding is done to accompany HKIHA’s Hong Kong National League (Adult). Like the previous season, tryouts will determine the 4 team rosters for the season. After tryouts are completed and games are being played, tryouts for the Feeder Program (National Team Development Program) will take place.


2015-2016 HK YNL U8 Full Season Stats

2015-2016 HK YNL U10 Full Season Stats

2015-2016 HK YNL U12 Full Season Stats

2015-2016 HK YNL U16 Full Season Stats


2014 – 2015 was the inaugural season of the HKYIHL also known as the National Team Development Program League. The aim of this league is to pool the best players in Hong Kong from the youth categories and have them compete amongst each other. By doing so, HKIHA hopes that the standard of competition will remain its best and players will gain hockey experience quicker by consistently competing against the best in their respective age groups. Like the name National Team Development Program League suggests, it becomes a platform for those players that will be eligible to represent Hong Kong in the near future.

2014-2015 HKYIHL U12 Full Season Stats

2014-2015 HKYIHL U15 Full Season Stats