Guidelines of Team Hong Kong Athletes Selection: (“香港隊” 挑選準則)


As ice hockey is a team sport, a variety of selection criteria, both objective and subjective will beused to determine the roster which will also be subject to the HKIHA Guidelines of Team Hong Kong Athletes Selection. Players’ Selection criteria include but not limited to:-

Team Hong Kong Athletes Selection / Elite Program (HKSI)

1. HKIHA Registered Ice Hockey Player
3. Part of 5-Year Development Program for Team-Sports
4. Past playing history and performances at IIHF events / tournaments
5. Try Out Results / Attendance at Practices
6. Coachability
7. Player’s Skills and Attitude
8. Playing ability / proficiency
9. Playing position
10. Teamwork / Tactical cooperation / Contribution to team chemistry
11. Player’s understanding and awareness of the game
12. Willingness and availability to participate
13. Adherence to Players & Parents Code of Conduct
14. Coaches / Executive Committee rating.

Players’ Selection will also be subject to the criteria/priority specific for the relevant HKIHA program. Pending illness, injury, level of performance, discipline and attitude, a selected player may be replaced.

Final decision for player selection will be made by HKIHA.
Players’ Selection Criteria may change from time to time with prior notice.