Standard League

Standard LeagueThe “Principal Standard League” is Hong Kong’s premiere ice hockey league, playing under International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) regulations. Each game is 60 minutes in length with full body checking, the only league in Hong Kong which can boast that fact. There are 4 teams, competing in a 15 game schedule followed a playoff system which has a 1-game semi-final followed by a 1 game Championship and 3rd place game. This league attracts some of the best talented hockey players in Hong Kong and a draft system is used to fill the rosters of the teams. Also, it is officiated by a team of highly trained individuals, with Officials coming from not only Hong Kong but also United States, Canada and Japan. They use the full IIHF rule book and use the 4-Official Officiating system.

About ‘Standard League’ League Format:

  • Playing Dates: Tuesday nights
  • 20-minute warmup prior to start of game.
  • Each team gets one 30-second time-out during Regulation Time. No time-out in overtime or game winning shots.
  • The regular game shall consist of three (3) 20-minute stop clock periods with two (2) 8-minute intermissions. The full 60-minute game shall be referred to as ‘Regulation Time’.
  • Games are played with full body contact

Standard League News:

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